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 Cursed Shinkei

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Hikime Hoten

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PostSubject: Cursed Shinkei   Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:09 am

... The Cursed Shinkei are Seven Weapons which have special properties
that can increase the Ninjas Power power Dramatically. The Cursed SHineki have
a terrible price to pay for its power. Anyone who cant control their power souls will
be trapped and fed to the specific Shinkei.

Effects: Each Shinkei increases a persons ability
exponentionally( +5 on all stats).
At the Second Stage the Shinkei will begin merge with their owner.
Leaving him/her with a pale expression and increased muscle mass. But each Shinkei
may Vary.

- Genkaku Sword: Blade of a katana with a devilish
handle and guard. With this sword anyone who comes in contact with this sword
is placed in under a genjutsu. Under the Final Stage the sword can swing arcs of black chakra that can
decimate anythin in its path. If the owner cuts themself with this blade while under a genjutsuN
the genjutsu is instantly canceled.

1st Stage

Merging Stage 2nd Stage

Final Stage

-Kumori: A ring that once activated forms a metalic Glove with
claws.Under evolution the Glove merges into the wielders hand. In the Final Stage
the wielders Skin becomes pale grey Eyes become red and Body Mass increases.

1st Stage

Merging Stage
Taijutsu+ 20

2nd Stage

More coming later..

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Cursed Shinkei
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