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 Suigetsu's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Suigetsu's Jutsu   Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:20 am

Demon Fish Technique- Suigetsu merges
with a large body of water that takes the shape of a demonic looking
Rank: C

Aqua Blade watermill- Suigetsu morphs his body
around his decapitator blade and manipulates its motion
in the form of a mill
Rank: B

Super Hydration Incavation- Suigetsu
Places high pressured water in his surroundings
to catch his opponents of guard and crush them under pressure
Rank: B

Skywhirlpool Drill- Suigetsu Summons rain clouds that
form a whirlpool in the sky. That is capable of Crushing his opponents

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Suigetsu's Jutsu
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