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 Rules and System

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Hikime Hoten

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PostSubject: Rules and System   Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:04 am

1. NO GODMODDING....!!! what so ever
i cannot stress this enough

2. The site plot will updated every 3 weeks or
depending on the progression of the plot within
individual members

3. A battle system will help decide winners
of every fight

4. A points system will be up
to decide on boost in power or rank

Ranking System:

Kage- Health Points( hp):50,000
Chakra Points(cp):50,000

Jounin-Health Points( hp):30,000
Chakra Points( cp):25,000

Chunn- Health Points( hp):20,000
Chakra Points( cp):15,000

Genin- Health Points( hp):10,000
Chakra Points( cp):5,000
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Rules and System
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